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United Airlines, with its headquarter at Wills Tower in Chicago, Illinois, reaches to 355 destinations (Including 234 Domestic and 119 International Destination Spots). It has vastly made its presence in more than 48 countries. The company holds an average of 4900 departures on a daily basis.

Features of United Airlines that improve Customer Experience:

1.  It offers premium class cabins with extra legroom and flat-bed space.
2. The United Airlines App made functioning even better. It has become a travel companion through which you can get an on-time update during your traveling.
3. Complementary options have always been on the row like WiFi equipped aircraft, you can also watch movies and TV shows throughout the flight.

United Airlines Luggage Policy

1.  Carry-on Baggage with Luggage Size (Permissible Limit) – 22 X 14 X 9 Inches or 23 Kgs.
2.  Personal Bag (Permissible Limit) – 17 X 10 X 9 Inches
3.  Carry-on Baggage is not allowed to Economy Class Passengers whereas personal bag (Permissible Limit) – 17 X 10 X 9 Inches
4. Carry-on Baggage for Infant – Adults with infants on their lap are permitted to bring breast pump, a diaper bag, and a child seat. It is in addition to permissible carry-on luggage.

United Airlines Policy on Musical Instrument

United Airlines allows passengers to carry musical instrument with them which they can keep either in the overhead locker or under the front seat.

For an economic passenger, if the size of any instrument that makes it unable to store in the flight, the charges would be $25 per instrument.

United Airlines Pet Policy

United Airlines, through its domesticated pet policy, allows the onboard carrying of rabbits, cats, dogs, and birds within the United States. The maximum carryon will be considered under luggage with the dimension of 17.5 X 12 X 7.5 inches and the charges would be $125 one side. For soft-sided kennels, the permissible limits are 18 X 11 X 11 inches. Except for birds, only one pet per kennel is allowed. This is to make the animal comfortable and turn around in the kennel.

General Check-in Procedure:

The check-in facility for United Airlines starts 24 hours and ends 60 minutes before the scheduled date. The time for check-in, boarding and baggage check may vary as per the policy of the airport and departure time. However, you are required to register your presence 3 hours before the time of departure.

You will duly be notified if there occur any changes in the flight timings, arrival and departure spots or any such information that needs to be shared with you.

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United Airlines Reservations Number 1800 273 3602

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